Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

EasyRest has been producing latex and foam quality sleeping arrangements for _ years, and has had rave reviews from the public and those who have purchased our products and use them in their homes. We ensure that all of our products are the at the pinnacle of performance and comfort while maintaining very competitive prices which ensures that our customers get the very best deal, every time.


We provide high density foam and latex mattresses and pillows ranging from a luxurious sleep experience to a highly refined chiropedically inclined sleep system. Whatever the situation, we’ll have the right model of bed for you to choose from depending on your sleep needs and preferences. In addition to mattresses and pillows, we also provide and produce mattress protectors which ensure 100% waterproof protection for your investment and keep you comfortable at the same time. We backup our foam mattresses with a 10 year lifetime guarantee which ensures that when you buy a bed here, you can be at ease knowing that you’ve got an amazing sleep experience with a warranty to match it.


Being that we produce many products using only the finest materials, we have obtained a CertiPur-US certification which means we have met and exceeded international standards for quality control and precision in making beds that last a lifetime. All our products are hand assembled here in the United States which also means you’re buying American and that means quality and attention to detail.


We stand behind all of our products and hope that you’ll appreciate the difference between traditional clunky spring mattresses and luxurious foam and latex mattress which contour to your body, alleviate pressure points to give you the best sleep you’ve ever had.