Diamond Mattress

Diamond Mattress continues the tradition set forth by my great grandparents who started Diamond Mattress over 65 years ago. My father, sister and myself are here every day working with over a hundred Diamond team members to make the finest quality, most comfortable mattresses available. We take our time to design each mattress, blending the finest materials to meet the comfort level our customers want and to do it at a great value.
We’re passionate about making quality products that will stand the test of time. You spend over 1/3 of your life in bed and having a quality mattress that will provide pressure-relieving support is essential for rejuvenating the body and promoting health.

That’s why we control our own production lines and are vertically integrated to make sure you receive the best quality:
    •    We make our own individually wrapped coils
    •    We process, cut, and convolute our own foam
    •    We make each mattress by hand and inspect it for quality
    •    We offer an industry leading 20 year warranty

What's more is that our low overhead allows us to offer our customers a better quality product for hundreds of dollars less than the major brands. We can do this because own all of our trucks, equipment and buildings so we don't have high interest and overhead costs and can focus on offering a better mattress at a great value.



Holiday Twin Pillow Top Mattress


Holiday Full Pillow Top Mattress


Holiday Queen Pillow Top Mattress


Holiday King Pillow Top Mattress


Holiday Ca. King Pillow Top Mattress


Bliss Twin Mattress


Bliss Full Mattress


Bliss Queen Mattress


Bliss King Mattress